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Customer Experience Is a Brand Thing Too

Every organization is concerned about the “customer experience.” It is often mentioned as a key differentiator from competitors. But many organizations miss the correlation of customer experience and their brand.    READ MORE  

Business-To-Business Companies Need to Focus on Customer Experience

 Sales reps have long been taught to seek out the executive who can single-handedly approve a deal at a company. But whether they’re selling to a customer with 50 employees or 50,000, reps today rarely find a unilateral decision maker. More often, they discover that the authority to make decisions rests with groups of individuals—all of whom have different roles, and all of whom have veto power. That is what makes business-to-business buying more complex and takes more time for a decision than consumer buying.  READ MORE

Engage Employees For Effective CX

There are three actors in customer experience – the customer, the brand, and the employee. It is important not to forget the employee. After all, they are the ones that are delivering the optimal customer experience. Read More

It's not your Father's satisfaction research

Not that many years ago there was a research discipline known as customer satisfaction. It was related to how well a company serviced their customer. We called it customer service research. We used a few customer satisfaction metrics, like: overall satisfaction, likely to recommend or net promoter score, likely to use again and easy to use with one of them the key determinant of potential customer service issues. A tracking study was used to collect the data, because the majority of customers had the same main method of interacting with the brand. READ MORE

There is More to Customer Journey Mapping than Building a Map

 Companies are reinventing themselves from the customer up. To do this, many are using a tool known as customer journey maps (CJM) to improve their processes. CJM looks at a process from the customer’s viewpoint. READ MORE

The Three Actors in Customer Experience

Providing a positive customer experience has been proven to increase loyalty, sales and recommendations, yet the exact definition of what customer experience is unclear. READ MORE